I might introduce myself: I’m Robbie T, founder of Aromi Diversi, my specialities are the diffusion of Italian culinary culture and the responsibility for the happiness of my guests, designing new dishes together with Jaky, a young bet of our kitchen, the next Chef of Aromi Diversi.

I rarely wear a tie or designer clothes, and I keep my hair short so I do not have to comb it.

It’s not my fault, I was designed so…

Hi all my dearest Guests, my name is Nitchakarn but all know me as Nita, I’m co-founder of Aromi Diversi Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria and Beach Bar.

I’m responsible for our human resources, public relations and the quality of foods and beverages.

I work seven days per week and I can’t give up on carbohydrates.

Aromi Diversi’s adventure has begun with Nita and Robbie and Nita over nine years ago.
We consider Aromi Diversi a place without borders.
Our recipe, since we open, has proved to be a success: fresh Italian cuisine and a casual ambiance.
Good food speaks for itself, but when it is accompanied by a great atmosphere and friendly people it speaks even louder.
Our vision for Aromi Diversi is to be a destination where locals want to eat every day of the week and guests leave with lasting food memories.
Our menus feature familiar, elevated comforts including a wide variety of courses, pizzas and desserts; in our drinks list, are included the signature Moscow Mule, Vodka Martini and a wide collection of boozes.
Aromi Diversi evokes the generosity, humor, and simplicity of Italy, our focus is to offer service and quality.

Almost ten years after the opening of the restaurant, a photograph with our first guests.
Since then, we have grown thanks to all our guests who believed in us and rewarded us with their support, even in the dark moments of the covid.