Aromi Diversi’s adventure has begun with Nita and Robbie and Nita over eight years ago.

Our recipe, since we open, has proved to be a success: fresh Italian cuisine and a casual ambience.

Aromi Diversi evokes the generosity, humour and simplicity of Italy, our focus is to offer service and quality.

We have always guaranteed the freshest food, with raw ingredients delivered daily, transformed in the kitchen to amazing you.

Our Neapolitan style pizzas are prepared in the respect of traditions, pasta and rice fresh-cooked – Aromi Diversi is a slow food praesidium -, great appetizers, entrèes, courses, desserts and a fair choice of renowned Italian wines.

Over the menu à la carte, we can prepare, by reservation, meals tailored for our guests.

All our seats are a wonderful open-air venue to enjoy the meal all year round, we offer both indoor and alfresco dining.

Aromi Diversi is a love letter to Italy woven from a different cloth.

Free Wi-Fi and charging points for mobile phones are available!


General Manager: Mr Roberto T.

Assistant General Manager: Khun Nitchakarn M.

Service Manager: Khun Da S.

Kitchen brigade

Chef: Khun Jaky M.

Sous Chef: Khun Som K.

Commis: Khun Kak M.

Pizza maker: Khun Sak A.


Mixologist & Bartender: Mr Paolo P.

We consider Aromi Diversi a place without borders.

Always push ourselves to experience new ingredients and new flavours.

Good food speaks for itself, but when it is accompanied by a great atmosphere and friendly people it speaks even louder.

Good cooking is not only a matter of manually but is also given by the experience and the highest quality ingredients used to cook the various dishes.

Our vision for Aromi Diversi is to be a destination where locals want to eat every day of the week and guests leave with lasting food memories.

Our menus feature familiar, elevated comforts including a wide variety of courses, pizzas and desserts; in our drinks list, are included the craveable signature Moscow Mule and a wide collection of boozes.