It’s a deed I’ve always done naturally, but I never thought about what was behind it…

The original post was written by the professor and writer Enrico Galiano:


I worked as a waiter for eleven years.

Among the many things I’ve learned, there is this, that the world is divided into two categories: those who pass the dish to the waiter, and those who don’t do.

Those who pass you the plate, are the ones who see you, they realize that you are there and busting your ass, so when they are finished and you show yourself in front of them to take away the dirty dish, they lift it, they hand it to you, so that you do not have to lean over each time, with the risk of perhaps dropping cutlery from the dishes you already have in your hand.

Usually, they also say “thank you”, even if they were actually doing you a favour.

The impulse every now and then, I remember, was to hug them.

A deed of nothing costs no effort.

But a deed that says it all.

I have always loved those who pass you the plate because they are almost always very humble people, they recognize your dignity, they don’t treat the waiter like a servant: they know how much is lucky in the fact that they are sitting there eating and you are there standing up to busting the ass out.

All this to say that in my life I happened to find myself at the table with many people: writers, politicians, sometimes even TV personalities, and most of them, however powerful and important, maybe even funny sometimes, they were people who didn’t pass the plate to the waiter.

Some, indeed, often treated him very badly.

And yesterday, yet, I got lunch with Clara Sànchez.

I don’t know if you know her, but she’s a writer who sells millions of copies all over the world.

She is someone that has some reason to feel arrived.

To feel important.

Here, all this to say that Clara Sanchez passes the plate to the waiter.

It’s not that you have arrived when you have oceanic crowds cheering you or pharaonic bank accounts.

You arrived when wherever you arrived, you’re still the one who passes the plate to the waiter.