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The bread of the future is Italian and… blue!

Italian universities do research to make our daily bread healthier and so it turns out that with different types of cereals and yeasts it is better, but … it will be blue, even if it is only a matter of wheat and yeast. The research of the universities of Turin and Pisa, published in Nature, […]

The Italian foods to which Trump declares war

The export survived the disaster of Coronavirus, it’s at risk of explosion because of President Trump. In the US blacklist of products under consideration for new duties, there are Italian wines, oils, pasta but also some (made in Italy) cookies and our coffee: the estimated value is a loss of three billion euros. Duties from […]

Parmigiano Reggiano Vs Parmesan Cheese: much more than a simple name

How is the difference between Parmigiano Reggiano and Parmesan Cheese: here’s how to defend yourself from counterfeiting and always choose the original product. Much more than just a name, Parmigiano Reggiano is a dry hard cheese made from skimmed or partially skimmed cow’s milk. This is characterized by a hard golden yellow rind and straw […]


Dear gourmands, to happily end a dinner, perhaps based on fish, especially in the hot summertime, what could be better than a glass of Limoncello? The lemon liqueur has its own personal Campania tradition that is lost between history and legends. To obtain Limoncello, the lemon peels are macerated (only the external yellow part, the […]

Italy at the table: 20 typical dishes for 20 regions

“Pizza, pasta and mandolin”: how many times have you heard our beautiful country described? As if Italy is reduced only to this! Not to mention all the architectural beauties and masterworks present in our territory, Italy has a variety of dishes and delicacies that can’t be found in other countries. So, why not make the […]

Spaghetti grow on the trees

In 1957, BBC persuaded the British that Spaghetti grow on the trees of the Alps The Spaghetti Tree is a 1957 fake documentary produced by the BBC for the current affairs program Panorama. The video was shot on April Fool’s Day and aired on April 1st of that year. Despite the absurdity of the thing, […]

Italy, the only virus is it loveliness

The fate of a country is marked by the strength and credibility of its reputation. The clarity and uniqueness of its competitive identity contribute to its construction. When we think, for example, of the United States, Germany, Switzerland, our mind associates to these nations a clearly defined imagery, which manifests itself transversely in every aspect […]

The Italian Chef team wins the Olympic Gold Medal in Stuttgart

The world cooking competition (Ika Culinary Olympics) continues until February 19 Second Olympic Victory of the Italian National Chefs! Like the last year in Luxembourg, this morning, in Stuttgart, the team of the Nic (National Italian Chefs) won the Gold Medal in the hot cooking competition at the IKA Culinary Olympics 2020. The world cooking […]

Olive Sanuki Wagyu: the rarest steak on the planet

The “Olive Sanuki Wagyu”, seems to be the rarest steak in the world. Produced only in Japan, it’s obtained from cows nurture with olives. This kind of meat is recognisable by the dense red colour, a perfect marbling and the distinctive taste. The Olive Sanuki Wagyu, have been presented in 2017 at industry events in […]

Italian cuisine was declared as the best in the world!

  In a survey conducted among 24 countries and a sample of 25,000 people, Italian cuisine was declared as the best one in the world. People around the world eat pizza and pasta. 99% of the Italians voted in favour of their own ethnic kitchen, while 94% of Spanish respondents agreed with them. On the […]