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Sparkling Water Vs Still Water

Sparkling water: does it hurt or not? The choice between natural and sparkling water is always a source of doubt and discussion. Let’s analyze the situation of drinking water, with all the pros and cons of sparkling water in order to make an informed choice. Carbonated water: sparkling water and natural effervescent water: what are […]

Salt, an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen?

Origins and use Until about a billion years ago, sea water was as free salt as that of rivers. The current salt concentration (about 35 grams per liter of water) dates back to when, around four billion years ago, the Earth started to cool and torrential rains poured into the planet for thousands of years, […]

The night after the pizza swells abdominal and so much thirst, why?

Pizza is the democratic food par excellence that is consumed by the poor to the most economically wealthy and everywhere in the world. The combination of flavors varies, but can satisfy anyone and is quite accessible to all classes, can be consumed by everyone, even those with dietary restrictions, with chronic diseases and food intolerances: […]