The world cooking competition (Ika Culinary Olympics) continues until February 19th
Second Olympic Victory of the Italian National Chefs!

Italian cuisine was declared as the best in the world

The Team

Like the last year in Luxembourg, this morning, in Stuttgart, the team of the Nic (National Italian Chefs) won the Gold Medal in the hot cooking competition at the IKA Culinary Olympics 2020.

The world cooking competition (Ika CulinaryOlympics 2020) is a challenge between teams of chefs from all over the world that ended today on February 19th.

The competition includes Chef’sTable, Restaurant of Nations and all categories of culinary arts. “In the competition – the General Manager of the National Gaetano Ragunì had commented at the start for Stuttgart – we will find 56 nations all very fierce”.

But Nic turned out to be even fiercer than the others and brings home the Stuttgart Gold 2020. Italy wins, definitely, the Olympic Gold in the team hot cooking competition.

Italian cuisine was declared as the best in the world

The team

The Italian Team in Stuttgart

  • Chef Gaetano Ragunì (General Manager of the National Team)
  • Chef Gianluca Tomasi (Team Manager)
  • Chef Pierluca Ardito (Team Chef)
  • Chef Luca Borelli
  • Chef Giuseppe De Rosa
  • Chef Marco Tomasi
  • Chef Francesco Cinquepalmi
  • Chef Keoma Franceschi
  • Chef Fabio Mancuso
  • Pastry Chef Antonio Dell’Oro
  • Chef Giuseppe Marvulli
  • Chef Pietro Pupillo