Italy loveliness, Canal Grande Venice

Italy, the only virus is its loveliness

The fate of a country is marked by the strength and credibility of its reputation.

The clarity and uniqueness of its competitive identity contribute to its construction. When we think, for example, of the United States, Germany, Switzerland, our mind associates to these nations a clearly defined imagery, which manifests itself transversely in every aspect of the life of that country: the “American dream”, the “quality German “,” Swiss precision “.

Italy’s talent is beauty.

Beauty has a value for Italians that goes far beyond the aesthetic sense alone since it is an indissoluble part of their identity heritage.
It is history, culture and territory, but also scientific research and technological avant-garde, product quality and design creativity; Added to this are the richness of the agri-food heritage, the ability to build empathic relationships and the excellence of manufacturing, an unrepeatable plurality that determines, as a whole, that “lifestyle” that the whole world envies.