The “Olive Sanuki Wagyu”, seems to be the rarest steak in the world.

Produced only in Japan, it’s obtained from cows nurture with olives.

This kind of meat is recognisable by the dense red colour, a perfect marbling and distinctive taste.

The Olive Sanuki Wagyu, have been presented in 2017 at industry events in the United States by Japanese cattle breeder Masaki Ishii, who was looking for an overseas distributor.

Sanuki Wagyu Beef has been recognized as healthier than normal Wagyu Beef because the olive-fed cows produce meat richer in oleic acid, monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.

Ishii is originally from Japan’s cow-shaped island, Shodoshima, where cattle breeding dates back over 1,000 years ago; olive trees were first planted in his island in 1908 and today produces 99 per cent of Japanese olive oil.

In 2010 Ishii, discovered that the olive fruit leftover from the squeezing of the olive oil was discarded as industrial waste, came up with the idea of combining the island’s two main industries by turning wasted olive skins into nutritious supplements for livestock.

Ishii’s idea led to Shodoshima’s recycling-based agriculture; he also joined the Japanese ethics of “Mottainai” – don’t waste anything.

Certified by the Japanese government, it’s a beef bred solely in the Kagawa’s Prefecture, coastal region of the inland sea of Seto.

The prices for the Olive Sanuki Wagyu start around (just buy from the shop) 80 US $ by 13 OZ (400 grams) of A3 Olive Wagyu Rib Cap Strips to 350 US $ by 13 OZ (400 grams) of A5 Olive Wagyu Filet Mignon.

Look at how it is cooked.