Bourdin is famous for his participation as Judge at Top Chef, the American Chef reveals which dishes are best avoid in order not to spoil a lunch or a dinner outside

After years and years of fashion of food increasingly invasive, we tend to exalt every party that has to do with food: every restaurant where we eat decently becomes in conversation with friends a place of the heart, all cooks become Chefs and even the sandwich at the Seven-Eleven deserves to be photographed and shared on Instagram.

Nevertheless, the restoration world is full of fool fashions, locals who make wrong proposals and customers who make requests simply absurd. Who more than a great Chef can have direct experience of this dark side? Here are some tips you should always keep in mind from Anthony Bourdain, former Head Chef at Manhattan’s Brasserie Les Halles, former Top Chef judge and author of one of the cult books as Kitchen Confidential and, recently, the Appetites Cookbook, reveals the “rip-offs” in which you could incur ordering food in a restaurant. The Daily Mail reports its valuable advice:

  1. Never order fish on Mondays: most restaurants buy the fish on Thursdays, to arrive at the weekend with the fresh, so on Monday you can get what’s left on your plate
  2. well-cooked meat? Better not. The experts and every steak lover know that the taste feels best as it is slightly rare when instead of asking it well cooked can also make the cook come up with the temptation to use a non-fresh cut
  3. benedict eggs it is a dish that is typical of restaurants with international cuisine and that is catching on even in Italy. The eggs are seasoned with a hollandaise sauce made from butter and eggs, two ingredients easily perishable if not stored at the correct temperature and for an excessive time, so if you are not sure about the restaurant better avoid unpleasant surprises
  4. if in the menu the offer includes a burger of prized wagyu meat, but the price seems low, doubt it. This type of delicious meat is among the most expensive in the world
  5. it is never good to ask for changes in the dishes or, even worse, ask for new dishes from the Chefs. The reasons are mainly two. The first is that a modified dish can never be as good as in its original recipe. The second is that the “out of menu” often irritates the Chef and an angry Chef will certainly not succeed in a good kitchen
  6. avoid Sunday brunch: the restaurants are used to dispose of the leftovers of the weekend, recycling them in a captivating way
  7. oysters: order them only in specialized areas and not in those that offer them as a dish. The same applies to seafood, which should be eaten only in restaurants near the coast


Cuochi al lavoro

In the kitchen, you can’t lie.
And there is no God either.

In any case, he couldn’t help you.
An omelette you know how to do or don’t know how to do. 
Cutting an onion, using a pan, keeping up with the other cooks, continually remaking, perfectly, the dishes that must be done, are all things that you know how to do or don’t know how to do.
No credentials, no bullshit, no beautiful sentences or no supplication will change things.
The kitchen is the last bastion of meritocracy, a world of absolutes.

(Anthony Bourdain)